Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Hey loves, I feel this is the perfect time to speak on me transferring from NCAT to SSU. Before I begin, I would like to give recognition to NCAT, because it’s a great school & great atmosphere to be apart of! My decision to transfer is based solely on financial issues. NCAT is so expensive. My mother made ends meet by all means, but I hate that she has to carry on the burden of basically paying rent on top of paying her own rent. I hate the fact that my education is taking money out of my household. At SSU, I will be provided with a free education due to being in state & scholarships. I mean who would turn down free education? No one! But as of now, I am still an AGGIE; HOWEVER,  next semester I will be a TIGER! ✨ To those who supported me throughout this whole process, thank you! You are very appreciated & I won’t let you down. 

Thanks for tuning! xoxo 

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