Friday, December 15, 2017

Hey daisies, welcome back, or welcome to my blog! As seen by the title, today I will be elaborating on what I think is the importance of Christmas & my Christmas traditions! I am thrilled to announce this is a COLLAB with the beautiful motivational blogger of LOVEYOUSELF, Miss Shanti! When you are finished here, head over to her blog: for her importance of Christmas and holiday traditions! You definitely DO NOT want to miss out!

To start off, I grew up in a christian home setting. I attended church MOST sundays, because every sunday would be a lie (LOL). I was taught that Christmas is about the birth Christ and we celebrate that by joy of giving. I definitely still stand by this today. That summed things up pretty quickly!  I celebrate this phenomenal holiday with month long social gatherings, gift exchange with friends and family, and just giving back to others! Its definitely the most joyful month of the year, and should be treated as such because of all that Christ has done for us! The life of Christ, and his unconditional love that He has for us is FOREVER.

Moving forward to my Christmas traditions! As an only child it’s always been my creative task to put up the tree! It’s definitely a plus I get to do it alone, because I can do things my way! (LOL AGAIN) However, I love the hands on festivities of Christmas Eve! Christmas Eve Day, I am allowed to open one gift. In addition to that, I bake cookies for Santa. I know I am eighteen years old, but this still brings joy in my heart! No matter how old I get, I will continue to bake cookies, because it’s what makes me happy!

On Christmas Day, my mom and I have a merry breakfast, open presents in pajamas, and watch Christmas movies all day long! We get a day to just chill and do absolutely nothing. And we do all this while having THE BEST time!

What are your Christmas traditions? Be sure to head over to Shanti’s Blog, to here more about her importance of Christmas, holiday traditions!

Motivational Quote: Patience is a virtue.
Thanks for tuning in! XOXO

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