a love letter to you

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

have you ever loved someone so much you get a little tingle inside?
have you ever loved someone so much you put aside your pride?

see the best part of loving you is knowing I have a helping hand
in addition to knowing I don't love a boy, but I love a man

see you're the reason why I believe the season change
you're the reason for sunshine and rain

you're the reason why the flowers grow
and you're the reason for white winter's snow

you're the reason why I fear no lost, because with you all I do is gain
you're the reason why like a challenge, I don't phase the pain

flaws in all, to me you're perfect
but you don't have to be perfect. just know you're worth it

unconditional love, so pure, so true
the definition of unconditional love is me and you

happy valentines to all my lovely daisies, but most importantly happy valentine to the special guy who picked me up when I was down. <3 p="">

Motivational Quote: spread your love, you never know who needs it. 


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