Sunday, February 4, 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to Daisy's Beaute, or welcome back! I know it's been a while, but I am working on being consistent! I am so excited for this post, because I get to share my new hairstyle with you guys! For quite some time, I have been debating on cutting my hair, and at first.. I was so scared to do it. Just the thought of cutting my hair had me in shambles. Also, I just could not cope with giving up my sew-ins. It honestly took a lot of thought, but I finally decided to go through with it December!
My hair was bleached and cut by Diamond Lynn. Her prices are unbeatable so definitely check her out! My hair was bleached with 30 developer (idk which one), and dyed with the color "Cinnamon" by adore. This is truly a look that I truly luvvvv! The only downside to this look is that my hair grows out super fast, so by them time I blinked I had black roots. Its still uber cute though!
So for my everyday hairstyle I use styling mousse from Lotta Body, and Olive Oil eco styling gel. I like to style my hair when its wet because its so much easier. So after I wash my hair, I part and comb it in the direction I please. Then I apply the mousse first, and next I apply the eco styling gel. After that I begin to mold my hair down. Lastly, I put on a scarf until it dries and then BOOM i'm finished. All in all, this takes me no longer than 25 minutes to do!
Let me know what you guys think and send me your FAV hair styles to be feature in one of my upcoming post! I hope you all enjoy this post!

Motivational Quote: Better late than never, but never late is better.

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