Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Boy, oh boy! I have a lot to say about this topic! I witness so many women, and even men hold onto DEAD relationships, and destroyed themselves mentally, emotionally, and even physically in the process! I hope to inspire some that their value is worth more than gold and should be treated as such! 
I SEE THESE UNHEALTHY TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS EVERYDAY. Honestly, I am quite fed up. Millennials view on love, and how we partake in love is trash. Yes I said it, it's garbage. It's like real genuine love doesn't exist anymore. Loyalty, investing in each other emotionally and mentally, and being about that one person is just a FEW things that we lack. I could right a book, honestly. 

I see men and women stay in these unhealthy relationships because they fear being lonely, or they fear seeing that person with the next. Little do they realize how much damage they are doing to themselves. The pain of the two being together is tearing them up more than if they were apart! What  is meant to be will be, but people constantly block their blessing trying to put a question mark where God is trying to put PERIOD. LET IT GO. Sometimes you are put in someones life to teach them a lesson, you are meant to be there temporarily to get them to their next destination. As hard as that seems, thats life.

Let's speak on infidelity issues. People make mistakes, we're human. BUT IF CHEATING IS A CONSISTENT THING IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP... IT'S INTENTIONAL CHEATING. Their intent is to cheat, and clearly they don't value you enough as a partner. Let it be known that cheating is an issue certain people have within themselves! Don't beat yourself up over the wrong doing of someone else. It's human to get hurt from being cheating on, but after your little down time... boss up baby!

NEXT. If your relationship get to the point where y'all have to put hands on each other. Your relationship is gone of the deep end. If the situation has gotten to the point where you can't verbally speak and you have to get physical, realize that y'all are toxic together. 

No one is worth distorting your value. If they really love you, they will value you way more than expected! Don't settle for toxic relationships. Once something is broken, it can repaired, but it will never work like how it use too.

xoxo, daisy

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