Thursday, August 9, 2018

Welcome to or back to my blog! Today is definitely not your typical blog post. I'm feeling really open, so I kinda wanna talk a little bit about my life and how I started blogging. I little get to know me session, I suppose! 
So I just happened to be browsing my blog and I noticed I never gave a PROPER introduction to what inspired me to blog and become the person who I am today... LIKE WHO/WHAT IS DAISY'S BEAUTE? My main goal with this post is to gain a relation built on trust with my readers and to show that my blogs are extremely authentic and 100% me.

To start off, I am the daughter of blogger AllyMcGlam. Some may have heard of her, some may have not, but she plays a huge role in why I started my blog so it would be harsh for me to mention her. Growing up, I spent a lot of time around my mom and her "blogger friends". I attended events such as movie premieres, fancy dinners, grand openings, you name it. The atmosphere was just truly life-changing, I just couldn't help but think "wow I want this for myself". So that's what I did! In 2015, I started to make my blog, Daisy's Beaute. Unfortunately, at the time I was so scared to actually pursue it because it WASN'T common. Like I was so scared to not be accepted. (of course, now I've learned to not care about what others think!) Jump forward to October 9th, 2017, I pulled up my blog and just instantly got the urge to revamp it! So literally that's what I did. At that time I was a freshman newly in college and I just felt like I had so much to talk about. I literally took a dive into faith! No content or anything just my intro post, lol! (If you're reading this and are considering making a blog PLEASE don't be like me.. have content ready so that your readers can indulge) It's crazy how fast I became passionate about blogging. I would literally sleep, eat, think about blogging. Of course with college, I get really busy, but at the end of the day, I will die beside my blog! literally! I am so glad I gave blogging a chance because honestly, I wouldn't have half the opportunities that I have now. Needless to say, blogging has become a great deal of my life, and I hope it keeps as excited as it did 3 years ago until infinity!

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